We have many dedicated staff members on the Buddercraft team! Each of them has a specific role with a specific job that they have to do. You can check them all out below!


Budderman18 (Owner): Server Software Developer, Server Manager, Head of Advertisement, Website Manager

DoggishBeef4 (Admin): Project Manager, Head of Building

Pippa015 (Discord Admin): Discord Manager


Co-Owners: ScottyOneArm, CCollins2

Lead Moderator:  

Lead Builder: l_otachan_l

Builder: seppten, dskaf222, gavindaboy

Moderator: T1M09977

Trainee: _D_r_e_a_m80022, THE_MEGAMINER

If you feel like you would be a good fit for any of the positions on this server, apply here:

Apply for Moderator:

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