Hello and welcome to BudderCraft!

Buddercraft is a Minecraft Java edition server. (though you are still able to join it through bedrock)

Though the server is still in beta, we have many minigames. You can check those out under the "Games" tab.

You can join Buddercraft with the IP: play.buddercraft.net

If you have any cool ideas for our server, (and we know you do!) tell us about them in the "Suggestions" channel in our discord server. To join our Discord server, click this link: https://discord.gg/WSYMQUc.

Please note that Buddercraft does not allow modded clients at all. This includes Badlion and Luner clients. Unmodified Optifine is still allowed. 

Buddercraft has many ranks that are available for purchase! And we are still adding new perks for each and every rank! You can find these ranks under the "Packages" tab on our website. You are also able to donate towards Buddercraft!  The money donated will go towards the advertisement of this server.

Make sure to vote for Buddercraft! You can do so on Planet Minecraft and many others! You can find these websites by doing "/vote" on the Buddercraft Minecraft server! To redeem the vote points earned, use the command "/voteshop" to exchange those points for in-game currency on the minigame of your choice!

Buddercraft has many staff members that can help you if you need it. Just say something in chat, and if a staff member is online, they will come to help you! You can learn more about our staff team under the "Staff" tab on our website.

Make sure to join Buddercraft as soon as you can, because everyone who joins the Minecraft server twice in one month, before version 1.0, will get a special "OG" rank on the Minecraft server, and in Discord as well! This is a limited-time deal as version 1.0 has a planned release of Q2, 2022. 

I hope to see all of you soon, in Buddercraft.

Page written and edited by: DoggishBeef4